She was fire burning bright, fierce, and unapologetic 
She knew had the power to create & destroy 
She believed her force was so powerful, that she could never be stopped

He was water, calm and cool
His surface like glass, making you believe that you can see through him
But his cool surface was just a mirror, showing you what you want to see
His depths could be beautiful, but also perilous 

She believed that she could be the force that would warm him 
He believed he was the force that could calm her flames

But nature knew better,  
Silently observing their seemingly endless ebb and flow. 
You see nature knew something they did not,

Fire needed the wind to fan her flames, 
So that she may continue her journey through the world
Water need the earth to quench her endless thirst, and together they could create new beginnings  

But at the end all that was left ,
Was the wind beating at the barren earth. 
Singing his sad song of all that had been lost

A Day at the Park

Spinning around and around and around
No way to stop,
It may just be a roundabout designed for children
But it feels as if fate controls it,
My heart jumps, my soul laughs,
My heart fears, my soul sighs

Since the night I saw the pain in his gentle eyes,
I knew that this pain would never measure up to the pain that you felt when I shattered your heart.
But I saw it fading,
I felt god’s hand at work, pushing us together again
I made a promise never to hurt you again,
To be what I never allowed myself to be.

A week later
But it seems like an eternity
Three months seem like a lifetime

I come back to the present
We still spinning
He is laughing
We going faster and faster and faster
Sinking deeper and deeper and deeper
We jump off

I look into his eyes, and I see everything that ever mad sense
Yet the situation makes no sense

My heart fears
My heart cries
My heart prays
I ask god why?

Don’t let it end,
Don’t take him away again
He is where I belong
I was destined for great things,
Where better to belong than the Garden of Eden

You soul’s lesson perhaps?

Respect my beliefs,
Even though they are not your beliefs,
Respect my fears,
Even though you have none, for your fears may be ones I have overcome,

Respect my mind,
My thoughts are mine alone, and they are sacred,
Respect my soul,
For this journey is mine to take
Your journey is yours, and what you are yet to learn, I may have learnt,

Respect my body,
This vessel is the delicate shell that holds my soul,
Respect my touch,
When I touch you, my soul makes my hand move,
My Vessel may be beautiful but as fragile as yours

Respect my friends,
They are the people that help me piece me together whenever love breaks me
Respect my family,
They are closer than blood, they are closer than flesh, their love is pure
My loved ones are not like yours, because my needs are different to yours,

Respect me,
I am different to you,
Respect that I am different to you,

Respect that even though I do not speak about the change,
It does not mean change is not happening,
The only constant in life is change,

Respect that you do not know me,
Let time lead to understanding,
Understanding leads to respect,


My head hurts,
Stop the noise
Please can I have some silence?
I don’t want this chaos

My head hurts
Take away the images
Please can I no longer see?
I don’t want these memories

My head hurts
It won’t stop
The Noise and Images won’t stop
It just streams on and on and on

I said hush!!
But it doesn’t stop
And my head never stops hurting

And I know,
My head hurts because my soul needs someone to talk to
It speaks to my head because my heart won’t listen
My heart has turned its back on me, because I never get it right

Us & Them

By having an “Us” and a “Them”, we create judgment, simply because we create a barrier,

By defining your world, your society or your religion, you create a stereotype. And you separate yourself from the rest of humanity by creating a them. They believe certain things and we believe different, they are different to us.

We all bleed the same color, we all turn to dust, we take nothing with us when we die.

If we continue to box ourselves into a world that we create, we create bigger barriers in the world.

In a generation that are globally connected via technology, we have yet to evolve to the point where we can destroy the labels that we have attached to ourselves.

God created us different, he did not want us to be the same. But why would he want us to judge each other or decide which image he created is better than the next?

I am alive, I am human, and so are you, therefore you have my respect


I am a puppet
Pull my strings
Make me dance
Move my head
Make me look in the direction that you want

I am your puppet
Close my curtain when you are done
Lay me to rest
Then pick me up when you are ready

I am your puppet
Dress me up
Make a show of me
I know you are my master

I am your puppet
But I wish I could cut my strings
I wish my puppet legs could run
I wish I could move my mouth and speak

I wish I could see beyond this box you keep me in
I am your puppet
Because you own me
I belong to me

But my puppet soul knows there is more

Blossoms of Truth

It rises,
It pushes up from underneath,
Like a struggling plant trying to reach the safety of the sun, so that it can bask in its warmth and safety,
It upsets the calm face that is the soil of my being,

I cover it up
I throw more beliefs at it,
It pauses and stays put for a while,
Then it gains strength from a source deep inside me,

It rises again,
It pushes through the soil of my being and begins to spread its vines,
Then takes root on the deepest recesses of my soul,
I throw more beliefs at it, and it retreats to safety,

I turn my back and smile and continue with life,
It rises,
It spread faster, gaining strength from a source deep inside me,
The blossoms start to pop slowly and fills me with light,

The beauty of truth is so awe inspiring,
It is so vibrant and clear and honest,
But the change fills me with fear,
I attack it,

I kill the blossoms,
I kill the vines,
I throw my beliefs at it, and like poison, it causes it to wither,
And everything is exactly as it once was,

But the source continues to feed it,
And it will keep gaining strength,
It will never die,
Because it is my destiny to know


I have taken chances on many,
And the choice was always based on fear,
The world is surreal because it can’t be real,
If it is real then all I am is a lie

A beautiful lie that is;
One that makes men think that love me,
But all they like is what I represent
A world that is different to theirs,

They don’t know me,
They see the projection of an image that seems real,
But it is only as real as celluloid
A ribbon of black lies that are sometimes holds the greatest truth
And it is only true because it is our desires fleshed out,

I am fleshed out in their minds as a reality they create,
Then the ribbon stops moving,
The cocoon is slashed open
The light blinds for only a few seconds before the world that they know appears,

They take the truth that they have learnt, and turn away,
They never realize that pain exists in my world,
Or that the reality actually is that I took a chance on them,

I am not a fascination,
I am not a lie,
I am not the person they cut together to make a story they tell their friends,
I am nothing more than me

It is that simple
It is that complex
It is as it is
But the chances have been taken, the ribbon has snapped and I am free to be

I shed tears for Humanity

I shed tears for humanity
So much hatred
So much judgment
Every cast and creed think they are better than the next
They all believe that they have God’s favour

I shed tears for humanity
They turn a blind eye to the suffering of fellow human being
They page through their newspapers
They flick through their TV stations
They don’t care because it is not happening to them

I shed tears for humanity
They create their our own divisions
They create their our own differences
They all believe that their God will offer them salvation
They believe that the rest of the world is damned

I shed tears for humanity
They laugh at the idea of peace
They create Wars out of greed
They watch people die of hunger
They watch children fight soldiers, and throw rocks at tanks
And they sit complacently and never try to change it

I shed tears for humanity
I say a prayer to God
I ask for humanity to stop imploding upon itself
And then I realize that humanity is the furthest away from God than they can possibly be

But I cry
And I pray
I hope that one day a shift will happen
And one day the fear and hatred will end

I love Smarties

Lead me to the answers,
And I promise that I will be ready to ask the questions at the right time,
I want to know why all the things that are real are real,
I want to know why we are here,

I want to know why we are all so different,
But we find an ideology that will make us all the same,
What we don’t realize is that it’s the ideology that makes us the same,
It is the ideology that causes us to feel all the evil that we do,

We are different shades of Smarties tossed together in a box,
But we are all the same underneath,
We just have choice,
And choice is something we should use to be happy,

If the ideology makes us incapable of seeing that happiness is a choice, then why choose it,
Morality is crucial,
Belief is important,
Faith is what helps us survive,

If faith, belief & morality results in tears,
Then how can you say that it is faith, belief & morality,
We cannot continue hurting each other because we cannot love,
Faith, belief & morality is the same no matter how you practice it,

Peace will only exist if we start loving what is different,
Because what is different is identical underneath,