Try not to drown

People who fight the tide usually drown; it is those that choose to move with the current that land up on desert islands. The reason is that those that fight the tide get tired of threading water. Then again getting swept away by the tide could mean that you could drown anyway, but at least you didn’t die scared and tired.

The thing about life is that you ultimately threading water whether you like it or not. I mean there is no person in the world that can lay claim to never being affected in some way by the struggles that are inherently part of human existence. It is how we choose to deal with these struggles that count.

It is apparent in many facets of our lives. Be it financial debts, ruined relationships, abuse that was put upon them, loneliness, and lack of understanding. The lists of peoples separate pains are infinite. And the most important thing to remember is that your pain is never bigger or more important than someone else’s.

If you are overcoming a death, remember that even though the people in your life have problems that you do not see as important, does not mean that they are not important to them. Everyone’s problems are big because in their realm of existence it is causing distress. Yes they may not understand the magnitude of your feeling but that is because they are not experiencing what you are experiencing.

Have ever looked back at events in your life and thought, I am glad that it turned out that way? That is because those events were meant to turn out like that because it was your destiny. Remember that at any point you can switch from fear to faith. Have faith that the tide will take you exactly where you are meant to be and that the right people will appear in your life at the right time and that you will think just before you die ”Man I glad that it turned out that way”

The Free World

There are often times when you feel so trapped in your own web of decisions that you feel like there are no doors or windows and that no matter how bad things get you just have to stay.

I often wonder why you get to this point, and I realize it is because your life is based on what society calls consideration. If you choose to just live your life, you will either be immoral or selfish.

All these people that form apart of your life, live their lives based on ideals that have been instilled in them by numerous sources. We all have expectations of each other. You may think that this does not apply to you? Think carefully about what you would like to achieve in life.

Whether it be to raise “good” children, that excel at the system that we have put in place, filled with expectations. Or the relationship that you hope to build with the person who would suit you best, traits that are build on what you believe will make you happy. What about your career, there is certain conduct and job responsibilities that you have to perform in order to get paid and buy the things that make the rest of society think you are successful. It is all about status and comfort. You only have the friends that you have because they can allow you to experience certain moments that you feel are important.

All in all, we are a society build on expectations, rules and guidelines that will govern our happiness forever. Makes me wonder about the term “Free World


I don’t want to let go
I don’t want to move on
I hate the Limbo
I hate the pain

I don’t know why I hold on
I don’t know why I don’t let go
But I Know
That I know why

We don’t like to see
We don’t like to face
We just want to make excuses
We all want to be right

Maybe I love the drama
Maybe I just love you
Maybe I just like the fact that I love you
Maybe I just like the fact that you love me

I know the answers
But I don’t want to open the book and see
I want to live in Limbo just a little longer
Limbo means it’s just you and me

Free to be

The greatest freedom you can encounter in life is to cut all your labels,

We are often defined by the people in our lives; you are someone’s daughter, someone’s sister/brother, someone’s friend, someone’s partner. And with these labels comes the responsibilities, perceptions, opinions and beliefs that will define you in some way or the other.

If you just cut those labels, you can nothing to no one and that would mean that you would not be defined, and maybe with a lack of a definition you can finally decide who you want to be.

Happy Ever After….

My gripe for today is fairy tales. I have been reading a lot of literature both serious and quirky that suggests that fairy tales are the downfall of the female psyche. This makes an incredible amount of sense. Like a light bulb going on in your head (I don’t do this often, it annoys the voices when I do that) and you realize that you can actually blame your parents for this one. Ok well they pretty innocent in this matter, blame Disney, that horrible chauvinist cult! (Note to my lawyer…sorry I mean attorney, can I write this?)

You see the term a “Happy Ending” has many linguistic meanings when one delves deeper into the matter. Firstly it implies that the beginning and middle is not happy. Secondly what is with the ending bit? Are you telling me that after the princess rides off into the sunset that is the end of your life? With the exception of Princess Fiona, the curvy and rebellious ogre, we rarely see a sequel to a fairy tale. This scares me.

Another thing about Fairy Tales that gets to me is that they insinuate that your life is meaningless unless you meet Prince Charming who will save you from your tedious life. This is why women all over the world still panic when everyone around them are getting married. And we plan these elaborate Fairy Tale weddings with the princess dress and tiara and all the trimmings. (PLEASE NOTE: This is a generalization, and I know there the strong willed types out there that do not conform to these ideals. This is personal opinion)

So here we are, the result of fairy tales, women that have careers, belts, earring, cars, shoes, clothes, bags, investment policies, and the other essentials and we still waiting for someone to save us. Now my burning question is: “What exactly do we need to be saved from?”. The only dragon I saw lately was a crazy big butted woman at the licensing department; she looked like she could breathe fire.

That all said and done, try and convince a little girl that she should give up Barbie and all her princess dress up gear. You will be in for a screaming session of note. We women love the whole ideal. The magic and romance that comes with Fairy Tales is something that is irresistible.

I think we can have the romance and the nice guy, but he does not have to save us. My life is personally far from tedious. I like it most days.

It comes down to a case of self worth, if you believe that you need to be saved you doomed to ride off into the sunset and your glory days will be over once the confetti is being sprinkled as you leave with your Prince Charming.

Rather believe that you are a princess right now and that you rule your kingdom in the fabulous designer gowns and shoes that you purchased with the profits from your growing economy, filled with cheerful citizens and no crime. The process of marriage will simply be a combining of your royal kingdom with his and you can share tips on how increase the agriculture sector and deal with international markets.

It’s all your how you perceive your life. This will define your ultimate success.

Clean Slate

I have wiped my slate clean
I do not know who I am
I do not know what to be
I do not care who I should be

We are told to be something
Society boxes us into neat packages called communities
And we rarely escape to open new gifts
We create a reality within the boundaries

Fear governs everything that we are ever thought


The silence has descended upon my lips
My mind says much,
My heart says more,
My soul sighs in displeasure

The silence has descended
I tried to talk,
I tried to scream,
But they cannot understand

The silence has descended upon my lips,
I have lost the souls that knew me best,
I do not believe that you should explain to the rest,
Soul connections always understand, when you turn your back, you loose much

I made a human choice,
I acted from a place of fear,
I turned my back on what could have been, to what is “right”
So the silence has descended on my life

The phoenix is dying once again,
But the soul that drives it will always speak through words


The thing about stains is that they a pain to get rid of.

They tend to happen easily though and can cause a lot of frustration. We get really irritated by stains because they ruin our appearance. They ruin the clothes we love. And they require time we often do not have to remove them.

But we try anyway…

The more your rub at a stain, the deeper it goes into the fabric. You have to add warm water and the right cleaner to get it out. And of course time. Eventually we find a solution and the stain is removed.

But what about our souls?

We go through life and have experiences. And sometimes those experiences leave stains on our souls.

But instead of trying to remove the stains, we leave them to sink into our fabric. And the longer you leave it, the deeper it goes.

Why is that? Why do humans choose to make such a fuss over appearance, the things about us that everyone can see but we fail to try and remove the stains from inside.

I think it is because we spend more time worrying about how we are perceived, rather than looking within ourselves and ensuring our souls stay as pure as God made them.

The higher power did not put the stains there, we did. Yet we blame everything and everyone for everything that is tainted.

I believe that we should all try harder to remove the stains that are there. Because we are apart of something greater, and we all contribute to making the world a more peaceful place

No Alien Zombies Here

I woke up this morning after yet another night of really strange dreams.

I have strange dreams often, it is like if I didn’t dream something odd at least 4 times a week, I would be worried my mind has been sucked dry by alien zombies that use dreams to power their mother ship.

But last night something stayed with me when I awoke  into this reality. Like someone had ripped a circuit board of sorts out of my brain and suddenly I was not “programmed” anymore.

I do not do Acid, I am not a conspiracy theorist, and the Illuminati thing only makes sense to a certain degree (You have to be Christian or else there is no way that Lady Gaga is insulting you). So no, I do not believe that “They” implanted some microchip into my brain. Or that Facebook is owned by the CIA (If it was is, that is very clever), anyway my life is too boring to bother the CIA.

I think that maybe it was just me creating a methapor by the personal journey that I have been going through the last few days.

Our success is based on our beliefs, and maybe I have finally removed the beliefs that society has implanted in me. The fear, the distrust, the constant thought that “Life is Hard”, everything is a struggle. The belief that you can only be successful if you follow a formula.

On that note, we all watched the Social Network, and lets face it the guy that invented Facebook had no formula for success. His success was due to following an idea, and meeting people along the way that enabled him to do that.

So maybe what we need is just a little bit of Faith. We need to realise that there is a higher power that is all Love. An entity so great that it created the very forces of nature. The life of the bees, the way a plant has its own network that allows it absorb nutrients from elements around it, the beauty of pregnancy.

Some things just are, they exist, they have their own system. We study it and try to explain it but why don’t we just look at it and enjoy the beauty?

I do not want to live my life in fear. Everytime I read the news or watch it on TV, someone is fighting with someone else. Serial Killers, Pheodophiles, Oppresion, Hatred, War, Animal Cruelty. That is our reality.

That is the life that our world has created, because of the beliefs that we have about so many things.

I do not know if it will ever stop until we implode unto ourselves.

What I do know is that I am responsible for my life and my choices, and even though everyone tells me to think, act or believe a certain set of values, I will always choose Faith. I will choose Wonder. I will choose to remember God and all his Love. And even if you hate me for belonging to a religious group that you despise, I will just love you anyway. Because we are all the same, we just make ourselves different.

My Life as an Amoeba

At the darkest most inspiring moments in my life, I sometimes close my eyes and try and un-evolve to point of being an amoeba. I picture myself as one, and this brings me great comfort. Before you think that I have numerous screws rattling around in my head, let me explain my reasoning.

Firstly Amoeba’s are totally unaware of their own existence; therefore, they cannot develop inner issues. Life is pretty simple as an amoeba, you don’t sit for hours and contemplate the reason behind your existence, and you just float around in a sea of indifference.

Secondly due to the fact that they do not have any discernable shape, they don’t have issues about their body. They don’t really believe that they fat and need to up the time on the treadmill and decrease the time that they spend eating junk food. In fact amoebas are pretty happy being a wobbly blob of organic matter.

This takes me on to the fact that amoeba’s do not have split ends, due to the fact that they do not have hair. They don’t look longingly at Pantene ads, wishing that there hair could somehow portray the same lustre and shine. In fact they don’t even have a head so they don’t have itchy scalp or any other hair related issues.

But mostly Amoeba’s don’t have hearts and a brain that sends impulses that induce emotion. This means that they never truly know the meaning of heartache and pain. They don’t have to find another amoeba that likes them, back, only to have the feeling of rejection settle in for what seems like the hundred time.

Amoebas don’t fall in love and get to a point of believing that they have finally found the one person that understands them, and fills a void in their lives that no one else will ever be able to. Amoeba’s don’t have hands that clutch the phone waiting for that person to call, after what seems like eons of silence. Phones don’t get put down in their ears, and memories do not flood their brains.

However at the end of my great amoeba fantasy I realise that amoebas may have pretty cool lives, but they never really experience the true beauty of the world. For it is through the hurt and pain that we can truly experience pleasure.