She was fire burning bright, fierce, and unapologetic 
She knew had the power to create & destroy 
She believed her force was so powerful, that she could never be stopped

He was water, calm and cool
His surface like glass, making you believe that you can see through him
But his cool surface was just a mirror, showing you what you want to see
His depths could be beautiful, but also perilous 

She believed that she could be the force that would warm him 
He believed he was the force that could calm her flames

But nature knew better,  
Silently observing their seemingly endless ebb and flow. 
You see nature knew something they did not,

Fire needed the wind to fan her flames, 
So that she may continue her journey through the world
Water need the earth to quench her endless thirst, and together they could create new beginnings  

But at the end all that was left ,
Was the wind beating at the barren earth. 
Singing his sad song of all that had been lost

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