You soul’s lesson perhaps?

Respect my beliefs,
Even though they are not your beliefs,
Respect my fears,
Even though you have none, for your fears may be ones I have overcome,

Respect my mind,
My thoughts are mine alone, and they are sacred,
Respect my soul,
For this journey is mine to take
Your journey is yours, and what you are yet to learn, I may have learnt,

Respect my body,
This vessel is the delicate shell that holds my soul,
Respect my touch,
When I touch you, my soul makes my hand move,
My Vessel may be beautiful but as fragile as yours

Respect my friends,
They are the people that help me piece me together whenever love breaks me
Respect my family,
They are closer than blood, they are closer than flesh, their love is pure
My loved ones are not like yours, because my needs are different to yours,

Respect me,
I am different to you,
Respect that I am different to you,

Respect that even though I do not speak about the change,
It does not mean change is not happening,
The only constant in life is change,

Respect that you do not know me,
Let time lead to understanding,
Understanding leads to respect,

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