The Plight of the Dark Phoenix

She rose once from the ashes
The fire that consumed her when she searched for love, left her in scorched and empty
Then she found a new love, a greater love, a love that was hers
This love was not a man, this was a love affair with herself

There were boys, there were men
There was one that touched her deep in her soul and whispered: “It’s ok to be as you are”
He was a gift on her journey to becoming
It was never meant to be forever, but the Dark Phoenix knew he would stay in a part of her forever
He enabled her to move forward, he helped her unlock the cage

She has flown, she has been free
But the cage beckoned again
The cage is very sly
It whispers suggestions, it tricks you and makes you think you can rest in it but still fly whenever you like

She rested within the cage,
There is comfort in what you know
But slowly the door is closing
And when one sleeps, they are not aware

She sees the trick now,
She must fly again
But when her wings get tired, where will she rest?

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