A Day at the Park

Spinning around and around and around
No way to stop,
It may just be a roundabout designed for children
But it feels as if fate controls it,
My heart jumps, my soul laughs,
My heart fears, my soul sighs

Since the night I saw the pain in his gentle eyes,
I knew that this pain would never measure up to the pain that you felt when I shattered your heart.
But I saw it fading,
I felt god’s hand at work, pushing us together again
I made a promise never to hurt you again,
To be what I never allowed myself to be.

A week later
But it seems like an eternity
Three months seem like a lifetime

I come back to the present
We still spinning
He is laughing
We going faster and faster and faster
Sinking deeper and deeper and deeper
We jump off

I look into his eyes, and I see everything that ever mad sense
Yet the situation makes no sense

My heart fears
My heart cries
My heart prays
I ask god why?

Don’t let it end,
Don’t take him away again
He is where I belong
I was destined for great things,
Where better to belong than the Garden of Eden

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