The silence has descended upon my lips
My mind says much,
My heart says more,
My soul sighs in displeasure

The silence has descended
I tried to talk,
I tried to scream,
But they cannot understand

The silence has descended upon my lips,
I have lost the souls that knew me best,
I do not believe that you should explain to the rest,
Soul connections always understand, when you turn your back, you loose much

I made a human choice,
I acted from a place of fear,
I turned my back on what could have been, to what is “right”
So the silence has descended on my life

The phoenix is dying once again,
But the soul that drives it will always speak through words

One thought on “Silence

  1. silence is louder than words at times,
    silent screams is powerful.

    lovely view points on silence.

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    Have fun!
    That’s the perfect way to showcase your talent, make poetic friends, and receive poetry awards and more….hope to see you in, blessings.

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