The thing about stains is that they a pain to get rid of.

They tend to happen easily though and can cause a lot of frustration. We get really irritated by stains because they ruin our appearance. They ruin the clothes we love. And they require time we often do not have to remove them.

But we try anyway…

The more your rub at a stain, the deeper it goes into the fabric. You have to add warm water and the right cleaner to get it out. And of course time. Eventually we find a solution and the stain is removed.

But what about our souls?

We go through life and have experiences. And sometimes those experiences leave stains on our souls.

But instead of trying to remove the stains, we leave them to sink into our fabric. And the longer you leave it, the deeper it goes.

Why is that? Why do humans choose to make such a fuss over appearance, the things about us that everyone can see but we fail to try and remove the stains from inside.

I think it is because we spend more time worrying about how we are perceived, rather than looking within ourselves and ensuring our souls stay as pure as God made them.

The higher power did not put the stains there, we did. Yet we blame everything and everyone for everything that is tainted.

I believe that we should all try harder to remove the stains that are there. Because we are apart of something greater, and we all contribute to making the world a more peaceful place

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