I have taken chances on many,
And the choice was always based on fear,
The world is surreal because it can’t be real,
If it is real then all I am is a lie

A beautiful lie that is;
One that makes men think that love me,
But all they like is what I represent
A world that is different to theirs,

They don’t know me,
They see the projection of an image that seems real,
But it is only as real as celluloid
A ribbon of black lies that are sometimes holds the greatest truth
And it is only true because it is our desires fleshed out,

I am fleshed out in their minds as a reality they create,
Then the ribbon stops moving,
The cocoon is slashed open
The light blinds for only a few seconds before the world that they know appears,

They take the truth that they have learnt, and turn away,
They never realize that pain exists in my world,
Or that the reality actually is that I took a chance on them,

I am not a fascination,
I am not a lie,
I am not the person they cut together to make a story they tell their friends,
I am nothing more than me

It is that simple
It is that complex
It is as it is
But the chances have been taken, the ribbon has snapped and I am free to be

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