I love Smarties

Lead me to the answers,
And I promise that I will be ready to ask the questions at the right time,
I want to know why all the things that are real are real,
I want to know why we are here,

I want to know why we are all so different,
But we find an ideology that will make us all the same,
What we don’t realize is that it’s the ideology that makes us the same,
It is the ideology that causes us to feel all the evil that we do,

We are different shades of Smarties tossed together in a box,
But we are all the same underneath,
We just have choice,
And choice is something we should use to be happy,

If the ideology makes us incapable of seeing that happiness is a choice, then why choose it,
Morality is crucial,
Belief is important,
Faith is what helps us survive,

If faith, belief & morality results in tears,
Then how can you say that it is faith, belief & morality,
We cannot continue hurting each other because we cannot love,
Faith, belief & morality is the same no matter how you practice it,

Peace will only exist if we start loving what is different,
Because what is different is identical underneath,

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