Polish your Life

Sophocles one said that if you marry a good woman you become happy, and if marry a bad one then you become a philosopher.

I think that is true on my case but I don’t have any desire to marry a woman (Well sometimes I do consider the possibility, but as much as I respect peoples life choices, I prefer guys).

Men, what can I really say about them, they can send our lives into something resembling bipolar mood disorder. One minute you floating in the clouds and the next you wanting to dig your own grave, of course after you have already dug his. I mean who wants to go down alone, the bastards deserve to suffer? Ok ok, that is not the mature approach that you will reach the next morning when the effects of large quantities of chocolate has worn off (and all soggy tissues have been discarded) and you can see the world clearly again. The adult emerges and suddenly being the strong intelligent women that you are, you tell yourself this amazing and very true motto.

Ladies look into the mirror and repeat after me: “Just because he loved me, doesn’t mean that there is not someone else out there that can love me better”. Because that is the ultimate truth. We so often fall into this cycle of chasing a dead relationship because we are afraid that we may not be able to find that kind of love again. This is a bigger lie than the lip syncing saga’s of the early 90’s involving a certain white guy…..

The real truth is that the next time you can make it better. Remember your first car, the one that you scratched and bumped and had flat tyres with? I know that none of it was your fault and neither is the fact that the stupid idiot you dated couldn’t see what was right in front of him. My point is that you damaged your car A LOT, but did you ever scratch that spot again, HELL NO. In fact I always park too far from my left side because I damaged that side plenty. You are more cautious and careful now because you are aware of the consequences of certain mishaps.

So is life, we get scratched and bumped and stuff, but even a complete write off can be rebuilt. I had three different shades of paint on my car at one point due to an accident with a black car, a mysterious orange paint smudge on my door that appeared while my car was parked and paint from a green pillar I hit. I was in tears because my once beautiful silver car was now a circus freak! This is when I discovered car polish. Four hours later, there was not a spec of paint on my car. The lesson, nothing in life cannot be fixed. All you have to do is some manual labor sometimes. Effort pays off.

You too can fix your life because ultimately you are in control of how you perceive a situation.

Remember you may be governed by destiny but you choose the manner and roads that you travel to get there. If you choose to sing all the way and car dance, then enjoy it. If you choose to hitchhike, make sure you don’t get kidnapped by a psycho, if you fly there, remember the view from the clouds. Whatever you do enjoy the experience, because when you get to the end it is only the memories and lessons that count, not the tears.

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